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BO malygos

Black Omen in the Eye of Eternity.

Horde 32 Server:Shadow Council US

Founder: Muargon, Orc Shaman
Guild Leader: Nightside, Tauren Warrior


Founded in July 2005, Black Omen originally started as a group of friends who enjoyed PvP. It soon gained a reputation as a formidable PvP guild, and many of its members (including its founder and chief, Muargon) achieved High Warlord status in the days of the 14-rank system. Detractors of the guild claimed that Black Omen hacked in PvP. The guild took those accusations in good stride and made 'BO Hax' its motto.

In January 2006, Black Omen began shifting its focus to raid instances, and mastering raid content became the guild's primary goal over the following years. At 5 years, Black Omen stands as one of Shadow Council's oldest active raiding guilds.

In July 2006, two Alliance members - Ryushi, Human Paladin and Squallangel, Human Warrior in the midst of ranking up to Grand Marshal formed the Alliance guild 'Pink Omen' in defiance of Black Omen's formidable premade dominance. After achieving rank 14 the two polarizing figures eventually faction swapped to join their once sworn enemy. 

Although PvP has taken a back seat to the guild's PvE efforts, its members still find time for various forms of PvP, including arena and Alliance city invasions. Black Omen does not host RP events, but there are many avid role-players within its ranks.


Black Omen is currently 11/12 in Icecrown Citadel 10- and 25-player Heroic modes, including both Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievements. Notable past kills and achievements include:


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