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Bedlam is a multi-national English-speaking PvE focused Horde guild on Bloodscalp Europe formed on 31st August 2007.

Raid progressEdit

History Edit

31st August 2007: Bedlam Guild is founded. Its founding members are Bolle, Bovinor, Baabajaga, Mutilious, Gargoyle, Darktusk, Ffulfmubii, Oxidrom, Allannon, Reigns. The guild had previously gone by the name of "Velcro Fly" since 8th August 2007 and already had more than the founding members on its first day.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

We usually raid 10 men dungeons 2 times a week.

Guild Rules Edit

We do not use a DKP system to distribute raid loot.Further rules can be found in our forums on our website.

Guild Motto Edit

Bedlam is a cooperative Raiding guild. It will raid and progress without leaving people behind.

Guild Application Edit

This guild has an average age of over 30. Applicants must be at least 20 Years old!

Name OriginEdit

The Bethlem Royal Hospital of London. Bedlam, is the world's oldest psychiatric hospital. The word Bedlam has long been used for lunatic asylums in general, and later for a scene of uproar and confusion. (Bethlem = Bait lechem in Hebrew house of bread)

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