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Realm Ysera (US) (PvE)
Faction Horde Horde 15
Guild Master IconSmall Troll MaleUi-charactercreate-classes hunter Peryton
Type Small, Casual
Status Active

About <Bane of Northrend> Edit

Bane of Northrend ([1]) is a small Ysera World of Warcraft guild focused on leveling and casual play. Most of the guild members are made up of married couples, full-time workers, and college students. Because of this, the guild tries to focus on a 'real life comes first' philosophy.

History Edit

Bane of Northrend was founded in 2007. The Guild was founded by a group of five real life friends. While it still is rather small in numbers, the guild is always open to new recruits.

The guild was originally named "Eien No Kyouiku" (founded in late 2006), due to the fact that the founding members were fans of Anime and the guildmaster was currently taking Japanese classes. However, due to certain players constantly inquiring on the pronounciation and the guild's desire to have a more in-game-themed name, the name was changed in late 2007.

Leadership Edit

Peryton, Guild Leader 
Sakaki, Officer, Webmaster 
Piera, Officer 
Cambion, Officer 
PetiteJean, Officer 
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