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Bandits Of The Bloodline is a growing English language RP Guild. The majority of the members are Blood Elves, but all Horde races are welcomed.

Overview Edit

Bandits Of The Bloodline is a RP and Normal guild.
RP = RolePlay
RP Guild = Only RP and such
Normal Guild = Instances, Raids, Quests and more.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

Guild Rules Edit

1 Dont spam
2 Dont Ninja or steal
3 Dont trick others to do bad stuff
4 Be kind and helpfully to others
5 Dont take more then you need from bank

Officers Edit

Bandit Overlord
Sildos (Blood Elf Rogue)

Bandit Lord
Eagel (Blood Elf Paladin)
Murdera (Undead Mage)

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