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The primary goal of the Azeroth Hunt Club is to gather together players who like to engage in fun and adventure, with a lesser emphasis on PvP and raids, and a greater emphasis on exploration, whimsy, resource location for those in need, and assisting "younger" (that is, lower level or less experienced) players in their own journeys and adventures in Azeroth.

We seek to uphold a reputation of being an honest and amiable guild, populated by quality players. It will be highly stressed, but not mandatory, that members strive to achieve “good” to “excellent” command of their class abilities. In this way, we can ensure that other people looking to fill groups should never worry about whether or not a AHC member is "good enough" to fill the role. To that end, Guild Council Elders will be available to assist any junior members in attaining class and gameplay-prowess, as is within their capacity to teach.

All members of the Hunt Club are expected to understand and follow the Code of Conduct rules expounded below.

The Elder Council

The Hunt Club is moderated by an Elder Council. As of this writing, the Elder Council consists of Bjarnael (alts: Shambo, Tammuz), Amaroo (alts: Firthis), Chess (alts: Rosemaree, Hurde, Orpse and Zwooba and sometimes Caribus.), and Mokaghard (alts: Goreko).

Only members of the Elder Council have the ability to invite new members into the Hunt Club. Newly invited members are given an apprenticeship period of 10 days (as tracked from the date set in the Officer's Note for that character set by the inviting Elder) to show that they will follow the Code of Conduct.

All disciplinary action, including probationary punishment or removal of a member, must be agreed upon in discussions involving no less than 3 members of the Elder Council, which henceforth will constitute the definition of a “council meeting”. Removal of a member is done only after a council meeting has reached consensus, and a chance for the offending member to contest the violation is offered and heard. This is to allow the violator ample opportunity to explain or defend their actions.

If an emergency need should arise, a single guild elder can demote any member to probation rank, in order to prevent hostilities on guild chat, but such an action must then be defended in a council meeting at the first available opportunity. This action will then be upheld or struck down, once the council of elders have given their judgment on the case.

The Elder Council will expand or replace members at its own discretion. In order to join the Council, a character must attain the rank of Master Hunter (see Ranks, below) and have been a member of the Hunt Club for no less than 3 months


The Azeroth Hunt Club assigns ranks to its members as follows. (Note: Higher ranks other than Elder do not endow the player with any special benefits, nor any tangible authority over lower ranks, other than the encouragement of an air of respect for higher level players from lower level players, as befits their efforts and achievements.)

Apprentice: (rank for new members, lasting for 10 day trial period)
Harrier: game level 1-20
Tracker: game level 20-29
Pathfinder: game level 30-39
Ranger: game level 40-49
Beastmaster: game level 50-59
Master Hunter: game level 60 (see note)

(Note: When the expansion is released, increasing level cap to 70, a new rank of “Hawkeye” will be inserted for the 50-59 range, bumping the Beastmaster and Master Hunter ranks upward.)

Probate: Disciplinary rank for members found in violation of guild rules or codes of conduct, for duration of Council deliberations, or as a punishment period who’s duration will be specified by Elder Council. Guild chat is disabled for this rank.


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