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Alliance 32 Server:Bloodhoof Europe

Axiom Knights was a guild created in Legend of Mir who ported in Beta to Dark Age of Camelot then SWG that, like many others, switched over to World of Warcraft when the game was released. It existed in the open beta on the server EU-Beta#2. It was here that the leadership core that holds true even now was formed by Cerbera - the Guild Master.

Once the game went live, the guild was set up again on the server Bloodhoof, on the very night that the server opened. Whilst not the first guild to be created on the server its safe to say that AK are one of those amongst the longest running guilds. Although starting off with a smaller player base - mainly those who came from the Beta server - now the guild numbers over 100 accounts. Word has spread about the carefree and relaxed why the guild approaches just about anything. The leadership emphasising that above all they'd like their members to enjoy the game - whatever level of gameplay they take part in.

Now, with a large proportion of level 60 players, the guild is running full pelt into the endgame raids with MC and BWL on comfortable farm status and progress starting to be made into the undead-infested halls of Naxxramas. At the same time we haven't lost sight of our lower level members, still providing the helping hands they need to level up and get the most out of the game. Despite the growth of the guild, we still have the same fun community sense that was brought from the Beta guild.

Sure we've had our highs and our lows - but we are guild that is still going strong and we hope to stay that way :) We may not have managed any 'server firsts', but the night is young in the World of Warcraft :)

If you want to know more, just ask any of our members.

Merge with Chimera Edit

As of July 24th 2007, the majority of Axiom Knights have merged with Ginnunga to create the new guild Chimera. The guild name Axiom Knights remains on Bloodhoof, but is now much reduced in size.

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