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The Atal'jinai is a troll exclusive role-playing (RP) guild on Wyrmrest Accord US. Though there is some PvP and leveling assistance, the guild focuses primarily on building and fostering the troll role play and contributing to Wyrmrest Accord's over all role-play community.

The Atal'Jinai was formed on Wyrmrest Accord US, February 1, 2009. The Atal'Jinai is focused on role-play and troll culture, and accepts only trolls into its ranks. However, the guild has built many alliances with non-troll guilds such as the Brightmoon Faire, Earthspear Tribe, Shadowhaven and (previously) Sundered Skull Clan; and is a member of both the Brightmoon Faire Partners, Horde Coalition and the (previously) Horde Compact. To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Zaliji in game.

Guild progressEdit

N/A at this time.


The Atal'Jinai was originally formed by several trolls, all of whom met at Booty Bay, February 1, 2009, to decide on the formation of the guild, its policies, and name. Shortly after being formed, popular vote gave leadership to Zaliji.  A week following, the guild met at Sen'jin Village to elect its council of elders.  The original elected Council of Elders were Aizan, Juman'ji, and Zinjaya.  As the guild has increased in size, Raizzul was appointed as a fourth elder.

Due to decreased activity, Zinjaya was removed from the Council of Elders. Shortly following, Aizan took over as GM, renaming the lead rank from Loremaster to Headhunter. Zaliji was delegated as being an Elder and remained a part of the guild. Aizan also setup a new rank between Elder and Longtusk called Scalper, and would function as a junior officer. The first Scalpers were Dakohjin and Rindali.

Alliances were quickly set up between the Atal'Jinai, Sundered Skull Clan, and the Earthspear Tribe.

On Sunday March 8th, an alliance between the Atal'Jinai and the Brightmoon Faire was formalized. Talks took place in Brill between Raizzul and Lindiwe.

Also around this time, the Horde Compact was founded.

After the Horde Compact had ceased to be of much use to the server, due to large amounts of bickering and drama, it was largely abandoned.

Due to the inability to be active for her own reasons, Aizan passed on leadership to Rindali. Under Rindali, the rankings saw a change. The positions of Toad, New Troll, Troll, and Longtusk remained the same, however the 'Council Elder' and 'Scalper' positions were removed. They were replaced with 'Bloodtusks' who were now the officers. Rindali's title was the Wartusk. Shortly after, when it was decided Zaliji would become the main in character leader, another rank who's powers were poorly defined called 'Loremaster' was added. Officers during this period included Trezzi, Ashtaar, Zinti, Zaliji, Orochi, Ratatamahatta, and a few others who have unfortunately been forgotten.

Following this, Aizan eventually returned to the guild, and with Rindali deciding that his place was better suited to the PvE world, Aizan was restored to the position of leadership. The title once again became 'Headhunter', though no other ranks were changed.

The leader of Shadowhaven, Valentyne created a new group which was similar to the Compact, but completed business in a way that did not allow for quite so much freely spoken words to instigate. The Atal'jinai promptly accepted the offer to join.

During this time, the names of the ranks of 'New Troll' and 'Troll' were changed to 'Tuskling' and 'Tusk', and were beginning to be encouraged to be used as titles of honor within the guild, though this saw little success, and is on going.

Unfortunately, and much to the horror of the guild, one of the most important officers and friends to the entire group, Zinti, passed away. Following this, there is a rough patch in its history as members dealt with losing such an important companion.

Aizan eventually passed leadership back once again to Zaliji, who removed the 'Loremaster' rank and renamed 'Headhunter' to 'Loremaster'. While many of the ties to the server at large have become frayed, she seeks to earnestly repair them. Further plans to change the rankings have not yet been announced or planned. Attempts to drive the guild back into a spotlight in the role play community for troll culture are currently underway.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly RP event scheduleEdit

  • Every Monday - Guild Meeting, Rin'dali's Falls, 3:30 pm ST
  • Thursday - Atal'Jinai Fish Fry, location varies each week, 4:00 pm ST, Server Event (Switches with Loremaster's Night)
  • Thursday - Loremaster's Night, Grom'gol Base Camp, 4:00 pm ST, Speaking is for Guild only (Switches with the Fish Fry)

Weekly raid scheduleEdit

None. Our members have a number of offered positions from other guilds from time to time.

Guild rulesEdit

  • All members must adhere to Blizzard's RP server policies, including naming policies. Anyone in violation of these policies face demotion, expulsion, or even being reported to a Blizzard GM.
  • Members are expected to treat each other, non-guildmates, and them selves with respect. This includes no begging, nagging, or rude or offensive speech or behavior.
  • No member may be related, either directly or indirectly, to a WoW lore character.
  • The Atal'Jinai is a RP guild, not an ERP (erotic role-play) guild, and any public displays of explicit sexual speech or "emotes" will be grounds for demotion, expulsion, or being reported to a Blizzard GM.
  • Members who fail to log-in for two weeks without notification and good reason are removed from the guild.
  • Be nice, have fun!


Zaliji, Loremaster
Leader, Events Planner, Priest, level 72,
Ashtaar, Bloodtusk
General, Rogue, level 80
Zahki, Bloodtusk
Events, Priest, level 80
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