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Overview Edit

Ascension was formed on Turalyon - EU by real life friends that now recruit mature members to join focused 10 man raids. Our bias is towards a small subset of players that attend regularly and allow us all to experience new content but without becoming too 'hardcore'. Originally the guild operated under the name Team Hoff, but after an account hacking incident we started afresh.

History Edit

The guild was built upon members that are RL friends or have become friends through WoW.

Raiding Edit

The guild generally runs 2 raids a week, and at the time of writing had cleared Ulduar and requires only Firefighter to start fighting Algalon.

Trial of the Crusader (10) - Cleared

ICC (10) - Cleared

First Kill of the Lich King was made on october 24th 2010. Over 5 months after we killed Sindragosa. This long period has been due to people becoming inactive and/or leaving for 25man guilds.

The guild is focused on keeping as close to the peak of 10man raiding as possible in a fun and fair atmosphere. Until Cataclysm lands we'll try and keep raiding, and see how far we can get into the hardmodes that are on offers.

Guild Rules Edit

  • The guild has no hard and fast rules other than to show respect to each other at all times. This applies to chat, punctuality and focus.
  • Ascension runs a fixed price DKP system for distributing loot, however the friendly nature of the guild often means that lower scored players receive loot as regularly as the higher scored.

Officers Edit

Officer, Loot Master

Recruitment Edit

The status of Ascension's recruitment policy can be found on their website - Ascension's website. In any case they recruit only mature members that will bring no drama.

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