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Ascension is primarily a PvE guild. Current contacts for the guild are Tuskcuddler, Alyred, Karegina, and Reavan. Ascension regularly runs Normal and Heroic Ulduar, and still occasionally runs Heroic Obsidian Sanctum (one drake up, working on two), Heroic Vault of Archavon, and Heroic Naxxramas.

Guild Progression Edit

Raiding Edit

Raiding nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30PM until roughly 11:30PM server time (CST), Sunday from 6PM server time until 10-11PM server time.

The following are required while raiding with us:

Guild Guidelines Edit

  • Ascension is not an alt guild. Though your alts are welcome in the guild, Ascension expects that your main character is in Ascension and that your primary raiding focus is with them.
  • Be nice, play the game to have fun.
  • Players are on a first name basis with all members in the guild.
  • We currently use EPGP to decide loot in all heroic instances.

Guild Leadership Edit

Tuskcuddler, Guild Leader
Alyred, Officer
Karegina, Officer
Oujou, Officer
Warbringer, Officer
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