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About <Army of the Horde> Edit

Army of the Horde was founded on Christmas Eve 2008 by members of a guild called <STARS>. The prime intention of the guild then and very much today is to be a mature social raiding guild. Now in our 7th year we have established a core of veteran members who like to play when and where possible when the constraints of ‘Real life’ doesn’t interfere. A community now based on trust, we don’t believe in taxing loot rules which various other guilds focus on, our main focus is ‘to have fun’.

Current Recruitment Needs Edit

AotH is recruiting smart players of any role or class. Players who submit an application will be considered. If you turn out to be an amazing player who performs at or above the level of our current raiders, regardless of seniority, you will get in every boss fight.

Schedule Edit

Our times can vary depending on events beyond our control. Please refer to the in game calendar for raids and times, however in general we do try and keep the following schedule:

Wednesday: 20:00 Server Time till no later than 23:00 Server Time
Thursday: 20:00 Server Time till no later than 23:00 Server Time
Monday: 20:00 Server Time till no later then 23:00 Server Time

Additional Raids may be called on Friday (starting 22.30 Server Time) and Saturday (starting 20:00 Server Time). Any additional Raid will end no later than 23:00 Server Time.

Why YOU Should Join Us Edit

1. We recruit and maintain a roster of highly survivable players.

2. We never recruit second-string raiders -- we have no intention of benching great applicants.

3. We refine and update our strategies even after we've killed the boss.

4. We recognise merit and performance, not seniority or rank, in our roster.

5. We have no drama.

Join Us! Edit

Do you know your class inside and out? Do you have a great attitude? Can you meet our raid schedule and maintain top attendance? Do you want to be surrounded by players who care about their performance as much as you do? Please apply at

Useful Links to new/prospect members

Guild Rules

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