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General InformationEdit

Server: Durotan US
Faction: Horde
Website: Arcane Legion

Arcane Legion was a Vanilla WoW guild of approximately 100 members. It was primarily a PvE guild, which focused on Zul'Gurub and smaller instances. It was one of the founding guilds of the 40-person raid coalition Horde To The Core (HTTC), and its main tank and guild leader Charraga was also the first main tank for HTTC. The guild had just begun solo forays into 40-person content prior to the release of The Burning Crusade, clearing Molten Core up to Majordomo Executus, spawning Ragnaros, and killing Onyxia several times. After the launch of TBC, Arcane Legion became fractured over its direction, with top members split over whether to focus on hard-core raiding or to retain a more casual approach. It disbanded in early 2007, with many members moving on to form the TBC raid guild Chaos Evolved.

Notable Members

  • Charraga - Main Tank
  • Raglan - Hunter
  • Shadowlane - Mage
  • Scorch - Mage
  • Zedyr - Warlock
  • Mythric - Shaman
  • Infernos - Mage
  • Tumbane - Rogue
  • Arkdominus - Druid
  • Zulragas - Warrior
  • Corrupt - Rogue
  • Graventour - Warrior 
  • Reichnefain - Warlock
  • Bowzer - Hunter
  • Aarox - Warlock
  • Ladyphedre - Shaman
  • Lajai - Mage
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