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Overview Edit

About Arc Edit

Arc is a private military organization which is commissioned mainly by the Horde military and other large factions. The assignments given to Arc are of a wide variety, though they normal consist of completing military operations that the Horde regulars do not have the time to task themselves. Arc prides itself to always fight with honor, to defend the innocent and minimize civilian casualties when forced to assault.

((OOC Info:

Arc participates in:

  • Heavy role play
  • End-Game raid content
  • In-character PvP events
  • Numerous role play events open to all
  • Custom guild quests
  • Open to all kinds of characters, even non-combatants

Arc is open to both RPers and raiders, both having a separate application form.

To gain membership in Arc as a RPer you must fill out an application on our forums and undergo an in-character interview in the game world. Raiders will need to fill out an application and are subject to a trial run. ))

Officers Edit

Wolstenholme (Guild Leader)
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