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Angst is a casual PVE/ PVP Raiding guild. Basically this means that we are a group of people that have prior commitments in our lives and cannot adhere to a hectic raiding schedule but still wish to experience end game content. Our raiding schedules allow for greater flexibility of those who work and attend school full time while still allowing us to progress in the game.

This guild was formed on Scarlet Crusade-US. To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Guild Leadership on the guild website.

Guild progress Edit

  • Guild Raiding is currently on hiatus until Cataclysm.

History Edit

The guild was formed in May of 2005 AD by the wise and powerful Korrova. It mainly consisted of a small group of friends. To facilitate raiding in the original game of World of Warcraft (Level 60), the guild joined with the multi-guild raiding organization known as Raid Awesome. More members joined and the guild remained fairly small.

Upon the dawn of the Burning Crusade expansion, and Level 70 raiding, the guild decided to part ways with Raid Awesome and do its own raiding in 25 man-instances. Also during this time superior guild leadership was temporarily transferred to the guild officer known as Ghazkhul of the Grindhouse since Korrova decided to go on hiatus. Angst grew in popularity and size and quickly conquered raiding instances such as Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern and Mount Hyjal.

Towards the spring of 2008 AD the guild experienced it's first large split. Some of the raiders left for another server to pursue more raiding of a hardcore nature, while others took this as an opportunity for their own hiatus from the game. It was at this point the apex of Angst raiding was over, and continually fell from prominence. Noteworthy raiders of Angst up to this time period were Lemegeton and (Priest) the Superior Healer, Gylf (Warrior) the Main Tank, Lucander (Mage) the Arcane Magic Dealer, Agramon (Rogue) the Physical Damage Leader, Girubey (Druid/Feral) the Bear Tank, Eulentier (Druid/Balance) the Magic Damage Leader, Ghazkhul (Hunter) the Raid Leader, Flowana (Paladin) the Leading Paladin Tank, Sutoriaku (Warlock) a Magic Master, Kelic and Kayotic (Priests) an Excellent Healers and Shadows, Dondarion (Warlock) an Impressive Magic Dealer, and many more that will be added to this list later.

After the split guild raiding dwindled. Upon release of the Frozen Throne and Level 80 raiding, the BC Raiding Team was all but done from the guild, either on hiatus or venturing on new servers. The new raiding team did not reach near the level of expertise as the previous team and was lead by inferior leadership. Ultimately the final split occurred in the spring of 2010 AD with the inferior raiding team creating a new guild on the same server. Those that remained are either the original founding members (Korrova, Ghazkhul, Ouk) or members that have chose to stay with the guild and stay on hiatus. The guild is currently inactive until Cataclysm.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • This guild is currently in hibernation status. Guild raiding is currently not occurring.

Guild rules Edit

Leaders Edit

Korrova, Guild Leader

Notable Members on Hiatus Edit

Ghazkhul, Interim Guild Leader, Officer and Founding Member
Ouk, Officer, Founding Member and Burning Crusade Raid Organizer
Agramon, Officer, Burning Crusade Raid Leader and Burning Crusade Raiding Physical Damage Leader
Eulentier, Member and Burning Crusade Raiding Magical Damage Leader

Notable Members Previously With Guild Edit

Flowana, Previous Officer and Burning Crusade Raid Leader
Gylf, Previous Main Tank for Angst and Burning Crusade Raid Leader
Dondarion, Previous Member and Burning Crusade Raid Leader
Lucander, Previous Member and Burning Crusade Raid Leader
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