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History Edit

Amphitere was created as late as April 2007, Before Amphitere most of our core members dwelled in one of the largest and most succesful TH-Horde Guilds The Dark Realm, and even further back many of the core were in the all swedish guild: Vintergatan.
After successfully being third TH-Horde raid to defeat Nightbane, drama erupted within TDR and in the end what would become Amphitere left for greener pastures.
Today Amp. roster consist of people with different backgrounds and various nationalities. One of the requirements to join Amphitere is to have adequate skills in the English language, both the Spoken word and the written one.

Amphitere is a PVE-inclined Horde Guild on the EU-Twilight's Hammer Realm (pvp). We recruit new members through our Guild Portal Recruitment Section

Raiding Schedule Edit

Our Raiding schedule is
Sunday - Friday 19:00 CET - 23:00
Saturday No Scheduled Raids

We are currently gearing ourselves up through farming Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal raid instances, while wating for The Sunwell Plateu to be released in upcoming patch 2.4.0

TBC Raid Progress Edit

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