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What is Ambulans Vir Noctis Edit

"An Ambulan shows honor, regardless of the situation"
~Creed of the Ambulan.

Ambulans Vir Noctis Tabard

Ambulans Vir Noctis (translated as Stalkers of Night) are comprised of souls of Alliance dedicated to dealing with the wrongs that have taken commonplace in their own homelands. They have came from far, Draenei from the Exodar, Night Elves from around Darnassus, Dwarves and Gnomes from the hills near Ironforge, and Humans from all over the Eastern Kingdoms and beyond. These selected few banded together to strengthen each other in order to vanquish any foe or challenge that comes before them.

While they do carry forth the pride of the Alliance with them, they are not like others who discriminate those of the Horde. They have taken the teachings of many (like Tirion Fordring) who believe that honor can come from anyone, regardless of faction or race. While they are at times succumb to the gripes of those who disagree, Ambulans are known to extend a hand of peace, before extending a weapon.

The Origin of its Name Edit

While it does sound like the guild is full of those who strike at dark, that is only half-truth. "Noctis" being translated as Night or Darkness, it can mean unexpected times. "Ambulan" is known as a stalker, it also meaning to those of the guild as a person who is ready and prepared to take arms at a moment's notice, focused on their goal from the very start.

The Elements of this GuildEdit

Where is this GuildEdit

This Guild is located on the Alliance side of the Server Server:Shadow Council US

This is a med-heavy RP guild, with elements of PVP mixed in. During our non-RP times (which are mostly spontaneous at the moment), we go about leveling, participating in PVP (worldwide or battlegrounds), and instances. We are thinking of adding more factors, to make us stand out in the crowd.


  • At this moment, we are looking for recruits. Please contact our Guild Leader, Ashina.
  • If Ashina is unavailable (busy, afk, or offline), please contact fellow guildies such as Cajucom, or others, and they will put you in contact with a suitable substitution.
  • Due to recent activity, there's a possibility of a interview needed in order to join our guild.

Officers of the GuildEdit

Farshadow, Guild Master

Leader of Ambulans Vir Noctis Guild. Ask nicely and he'll be able to see if your fit to join.

Cajucom, Colonel

Creator of this Guild's WOWWiki and low ranking officers. If Farshadow isn't on you can refer to him to find a suitable officer.

Guild RulesEdit

1) Simplest one to follow, no drama

2) Obey your guildies and superiors when applicable...we believe in free speech but just use common sense.

3) If you bring shame on our guild in a serious sense (example: ninja looting), we will make motions for your dismissal.

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