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Our Beginnings

Alea Iacta Est (AIE) is a casual Horde guild on the Earthen Ring (RP)-US Realm, and is the largest functional guild in the World of Warcraft with over 9000 characters. AIE was started in February, 2007 by the creators and fans of several popular podcasts (The Instance, ELR, Buzz out Loud, Jawbone Radio, and Mahalo Daily). We are so large, we have 11 co-guilds, but each guild name starts with “alea iacta est, which means “the die is cast”. We even built an addon called Greenwall so we can still have a single guild chat across all co-guilds. Lanctharus is our guild master, and we have many officers to help new and current members.

We play all the games!

Since then, AIE has expanded, and is now a multi-game community. We have guilds in Rift, EVE, The Secret World, Star Wars: the Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. We are looking at new games all the time.

Since AIE is so large, we have something to offer pretty much every kind of WoW player: social, raiding, leveling groups, PvP, and even a smidgen of RP. We believe that players should be given the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of game play and that a lack of experience does not imply a lack of aptitude. We are a family-friendly guild, and require that our members use appropriate language in common channels such as guild chat and open ventrilo rooms. Our guiding principle is paraphrased from Wil Wheaton: "Don't Be a Jerk."

Other things we do

We have in-game events all the time, such as: craft fairs multiple times a year, lowbie fun runs, world PvP attacks on the Alliance cities, and an annual Remembrance Day for our fallen real-life friends. Our members also have many “real-world” meet-ups all over the world, including at several conferences like BlizzCon, PAX, Dragon*Con, and Nerdtacular!

Learn more about AIE

How to Join Us

Well--it's a good idea to poke around the websites above, and see if we are your kind of people, first :). If so, you can join our community by applying at our universal multi-game AIE members interface ( UMAMI )--then apply to the specific game you want to join us in.

See you on the internets!

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