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The Crest of Akevial

Akevial (Ah-Kay-vee-all) is a jingoist political organization based in Quel’Thalas and focused around the ideal of helping the Sin’dorei regain their lost honour. While the front of the guild is dripping with altruism, the true motives are blatantly more egotistical. Founded by Cynadrion Caremyr, The members of Akevial have a very common goal: Power.

Either through diplomacy or from the comforts of the shadows, the officials of Akevial seek to change the social world of the Horde.

However not all of the members are supporters of the Akevian Agenda. The close ties Akevial has within the Shu’halo (Mainly the Grimtotem tribe) and the Forsaken has opened the gates to Emissaries of the other races.

There is also a growing order known as 'Nocturne' within Akevial, under the Guidance of Falfarrin Brandoc. Though, this is still in the making ICly, Nocturne will essentially be a Rogue mini-guild within Akevial

Major Players/RanksEdit

The ranks of Akevial are focused primarily around a character’s personal loyalties towards the main figureheads in the guild: as well as their skill in their chosen path.

The next highest ranks below Cynadrion are the officers of the Three circles of combat. Jezabel Ethelstan holds the title of Ebon Disciple, leader of the magic weavers within the guild (Including Mages, Elemental Shaman, and Warlocks). Daliah Brightsong holds the title of Hierophant, leader of the worshipping classes; Priests, Paladins, Druids, and Restoration Shamans. Until recently, Mortakai was the 'Hawk Lord,' and lead the non-magic combat oriented classes, Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, etc.

The rank titles are as follows:

Tyrant- Cynadrion Caremyr

Ebon Disciple- Leader of 'Incanters'

Hawk Lord- Leader of 'Sentinels'

Hierophant- Leader of 'Devoted'

Treasurer- Handles the Guild Bank

Agent- IC assassins, right hand men, shady sorts.

Devoted - Priests, Paladins, Druids

Sentinels- Warriors, Rogues, Hunters

Incanters- Mages, Warlocks, Shamans

Ally- Accepted into the ranks, but yet to prove themselves enough to wear a crest and join a formal circle.

Unproven- New Recruits

Several of those in Akevial's ranks serve as diplomats from outside causes. Graji "Doovoo" Shattertusk is a prime example of this position, and serves as an emissary to Silvermoon from the Darkspear Trolls. Several of the other Emissaries are serving under Akevial to promote their own personal Agendas: Ether for the honour of a noble family, or other private company that seeks to benefit from the Order's rise to power through the Convocation.


Akevial has managed to form many strong ties with several of the other RP guilds on the server: Primarily through the Convocation of Quel'thalas, a player-run government of Silvermoon which includes members from six major RP guilds, as well as dozens of assistants, courts, and other interested nobles.

Akevial’s sister guild: Greed and Yearning is an OOC entity comprised of heavy RPers, so while we have incredibly close ties to the members, there have been no formal In Character allegiances between the two organizations (As GaY doesn‘t exist IC). Despite this, it is very rare to see any members of ether guild without a few from the other in tow.


Akevial is open to all Mature players, and though Guild chat is OOC, we consider ourselves to be dedicated RPers above all else. Because of this we only recruit people who we meet In Character, though meetings can be arranged if you’re interested.

Although Akevial is largely comprised of Blood Elves, we’re open to all Races and Classes.

Visit the Guild Forums for more information on Rules and Expectations within Akevial.

Raids and instancesEdit

Despite the heavy RP values in Akevial, many of the members naturally still wish to participate in raids and other instances the game has to offer. Akevial has a large spectrum of levels, so most lower level instances don't have trouble finding groups your level.

As far as raiding: Akevial has a strong Karazhan group, and has nearly all of the bosses on Farm status. We regularly raid on Friday and Saturday evenings. An OOC alliance with Mortis Centeri, another small guild, is allowing us to start on Gruul's as well.

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