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General Information

Agents of Oblivion is a guild on the Horde side of the Medivh US realm. We have a decent player base with a level range across the board. The guild was founded with the only goal of being a laid back place for casual players to relax and find brothers in arms. Prior to the release of the expansion, we were progressing nicely through end-game content with the assistance of our allied guilds. We are now beginning to focus on End-game content again, with our first guild only forays into Naxxramas along with Heroic instances.

Guild Progress

Guild Rules

The guild maintains a friendly but mature atmosphere for all of its players. The primary tradition of the guild has been creating a family so that its members can feel a sense of belonging. While the attitude is very casual, there are some guidelines we ask that all members adhere to in order to continue this tradition:

  • Agents of Oblivion is probably not the place for hardcore raiders. We can point you in the proper direction if you'd like, but we prefer to keep things relaxed.
  • Spamming the Guild channel or repeatedly begging for money/items is not allowed. People who disregard this have been booted and we won't hesitate to do it again.
  • We encourage casual banter in the Guild channel as it brings about a better sense of camaraderie among guild members.
  • We welcome new and experienced players equally, but don't be surprised if a few 'n00b' comments get thrown about in jest.
  • Overtly offensive behavior is not tolerated, nor is harassing other members of the guild in any way. We would like to keep people coming back and this type of behavior would be contradictory to that purpose.

Rank Structure

New Guild members receive the rank of N00b initially, but tend to progress through the ranks quickly as members get to know them and they prove their mettle. The final rank of Commander is reserved for guild officers.

High ranking guild officers, responsible for regular guild operations and planning.
  • Agent
Long time players who have been with the guild and proven valuable additions by way of playability and personality.
  • Hitman
  • Merc
  • Initiate
  • N00b
All new members start here.
  • Tool
Reserved for members on probation for bad behavior or otherwise under observation.

Guild Leadership

There are eight active guild officers:

  • Guild Master Absinth (Undead Priest): Leader of the Agents
  • Commander Quivr (Blood Elf Hunter): Guild officer
  • Commander Raitlin (Tauren Warrior): Guild officer and engineer
  • Commander Mortah (Undead Mage): Guild officer and mage cookie provider
  • Commander Liono (Blood Elf Paladin): Guild officer
  • Commander Killcrazy (Orc Shaman): Guild officer
  • Commander Druidizer (Tauren Shaman): Guild officer and main druid healer
  • Commander Mirrim (Blood Elf Mage): Guild officer and master mooncloth tailor/enchanter

Past Guild Leadership

Below are former guild officers and their status.

  • Darshnar (Commander) - inactive
  • Madgeadun (Commander) - inactive
  • Tyrax (Commander/Webmaster) - GL of Fires of Heaven

Guild Relations

We currently have a standing alliance with the following guild(s):

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