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<Aeon> is a Rivendare PvE guild formed in late November 2007 and is now dead.

Raid Times

  • We raid Monday through Thursday 6pm-10pm server. Tuesdays are normally farm content with the rest of the week dedicated to progression.
  • Outside of our normal raid times, 10 man content is organized and ran by members, as well as heroics and achievement runs.

Raid Content

  • We are currently working towards Sarth +3 with Ulduar right around the corner. All other Wrath content is cleared and we are working on achievements for farm content.


Aeon has cleared all of Burning Crusade content excluding Sunwell Plateau. WotLK halted our attempts of stepping into such content, but nevertheless we were ready and able. All WotLK content is on farm up to Sarth + 3 pending new content.


Recruitment needs vary from time to time and we encourge people to check our website for roles we are seeking.

The Management

Dardanos, Guildmaster (Raid Leader)
Grouchie, Officer
Flax, Officer (Main Tank, Recruiting Officer)
Nefi, Officer (The Site Manager)
Ramius, Officer (The DKP Overlord)
Phebus, Officer (Recruiting Officer, DKP officer)
Ascension, Officer
Velvaler, Officer (Vent Admin)
Deimose, Officer (Guild Bank Manager)
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