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The goal of Acceptable Losses is continue our trend of enjoying the game without having to be hardcore or extremely dedicated about it. By taking small steps with our playerbase, consisting of mostly friends and family, we stress the importance of teamwork and preparation.

Officers Edit

  • Guild Leader - Roebelini
  • Officers - Turron, Wazulus, and Kurganjd

Recruitment Edit

  • Currently closed to all classes.

Raiding information Edit

Raiding Schedule
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No Raid No Raid No Raid No Raid No Raid 8pm EST No Raid

Karazhan Bc icon
Attumen the Huntsman Done (29 Feb 08) Moroes Done (29 Feb 08) Maiden of Virtue Done (29 Feb 08)
Wizard of Oz Done (29 Feb 08) Big Bad Wolf Done (7 March 08) Romulo and Julianne Done (21 March 08)
The Curator Done (29 Feb 08) Shade of Aran Done (21 March 08) Terestian Illhoof Undone
Netherspite Undone Chess Event Done (29 Feb 08) Prince Malchezaar Undone
Nightbane Done (14 Mar 08)

Zul'Aman Bc icon
Nalorakk Undone Akil'Zon Undone Jan'Alai Undone
Halazzi Undone Hex Lord Malacrass Undone Zul'jin Undone
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