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AFK (Away From Keyboard) is a Suramar Alliance guild. Founded in December of 04, we have been AFK from the beginning. We are a RL Family and Friend based guild that plays for fun. That is when we aren't AFK.

AFK is just that, Away From Keyboard, this really has a solid meaning. Everyone in the guild has a Real Life and all members put Real Life in front of the game. Our guild does not punish people for having Real Lives. We rock a Fair Loot System. Meaning if you are there you get to roll for it. If you need, You Need?. We feel after years of raiding and dealing with harsh loot rules that this would benefit rule 1 the most. Play for fun. We figure ALL people in a raid should have a shot at loot. Not just the people that get to raid all the time. This also goes for Pick-ups for said raid. If you have to pick someone up to do a raid then why not let them have a shot at loot?

"Everyone wishes they could play more. And some people get to play all the time. We see no reason in punishing people that have real life things to attend to."([1])
For more information about the guild, visit the website.

Guild Progression Edit

  • ICC 10 man 12/12 Bosses Down
  • ICC 25 man 10/12 Bosses Down
  • Heroic ICC 10 4/12 Bosses Down

Officers Edit

AFK Guild Officers
Name Rank Primary Alts
Gigglethorpe Guild Master Nabbs, Decaf, Brat, Highfructose, Urakdisaprin
Gnostikos Officer Gnostikas, Gnostikon, Sophian, Sophos
Aenius Officer Wifeagrogtg, Wag
Moriea Officer Guille, Malady
Lumirage Officer Chezz, Kavane
Anuli Officer Anuli(anything)
Gubbin Officer Gubbinlord
Gwynaneth Officer Gwynite
Katom Officer Avdod, Katoom, Kathom, Dahval, Kah, Kahnja, Pussnbootz, Bizniz
Pristine Officer Kailimalia, Zweizwei
Sewen Officer Bodruithol

Contact any officer online about recruiting status or for more information about the guild that may not be on the website.

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