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There are these days more extensive and up-to-date sources of information on leveling Jewelcrafting available online via a google search. This guide to leveling jewelcrafting to 300 was initially developed and refined during the Burning Crusade beta and has since been confirmed in release. The emphasis here is on levelling relatively cheaply and effectively, not on profitability — especially since a glut of new Jewelcrafters may mean increased demand for raw materials and supply of crafted items, particularly at low levels. All items that can be created (and their relevant skill levels) are derived from Thottbot's database. However, Jewelcrafting is a relatively new profession, so this is no guarantee that skill levels or materials will not change again. Stock up on supplies at your own risk.

Leveling jewelcrafting beyond skill level 300 requires the use of Outland materials and is not included in the scope of this guide.

Materials Edit

Required Materials
Metals Gemstones Stones Other

80 [Copper Bar]
120 [Bronze Bar]

50 [Silver Bar]
160 [Iron Bar]
60 [Mithril Bar]
10 [Truesilver Bar]
70 [Thorium Bar]

10 [Tigerseye]
10 [Malachite]
20 [Shadowgem]
10 [Moss Agate]
35 [Aquamarine]
30 [Jade]
10 [Citrine]
25 [Star Ruby]
15 [Large Opal]
15 [Azerothian Diamond]
20 [Huge Emerald]

80 [Rough Stone]
80 [Heavy Stone]

40 [Large Fang]
60 [Elemental Earth]
20 [Elemental Water]
40 [Flask of Mojo]
10 [Heart of the Wild (herb)]

Craft Order Edit

Crafting Order
Beginning Skill Level Action Materials Projected Skill Level
040 [Delicate Copper Wire]80 [Copper Bar]s20
2010 [Rough Stone Statue]80 [Rough Stone]s30
3010 [Malachite Pendant]10 [Delicate Copper Wire], 10 [Malachite]40
4010 [Tigerseye Band]10 [Delicate Copper Wire], 10 [Tigerseye]50
5060 [Bronze Setting]120 [Bronze Bar]s70
7010 [Elegant Silver Ring]10 [Silver Bar]s80
8010 [Gloom Band]20 [Shadowgem], 10 [Bronze Setting]s, 20 [Delicate Copper Wire]s90
9020 [Ring of Silver Might]40 [Silver Bar]s110
11010 [Heavy Stone Statue]80 [Heavy Stone]s120
12020 [Barbaric Iron Collar]160 [Iron Bar]s, 40 [Large Fang]s, 40 [Bronze Setting]s140
14010 [Pendant of the Agate Shield]*10 [Moss Agate], 10 [Bronze Setting]s150
15020 [Mithril Filigree]40 [Mithril Bar]s170
17030 [The Jade Eye]*30 [Jade], 60 [Elemental Earth]200
20010 [Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing]10 [Citrine], 20 [Mithril Bar]s210
21010 [Aquamarine Signet]30 [Aquamarine], 40 [Flask of Mojo]220
2205 [Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior]5 [Aquamarine], 15 [Mithril Filigree]225
22570 [Thorium Setting]70 [Thorium Bar]s235
23525 [Ruby Pendant of Fire] or [Red Ring of Destruction]25 [Star Ruby], 25 [Thorium Setting]s260
2605 [Truesilver Healing Ring]10 [Truesilver Bar]s, 10 [Heart of the Wild (herb)]265
26515 [Simple Opal Ring]15 [Large Opal]s, 15 [Thorium Setting]s280
2805 [Diamond Focus Ring]5 [Azerothian Diamond]s, 5 [Thorium Setting]s285
2855 [Glowing Thorium Band]10 [Azerothian Diamond]s, 5 [Thorium Setting]s290
29010 [Emerald Lion Ring]20 [Huge Emerald], 10 [Thorium Setting]s300

Locations Edit

All designs listed in this guide can be found at the Jewelcrafting trainer of the appropriate level, with the following exceptions. These have been marked with an asterisk (*) in the crafting order.

  • Pendant of the Agate Shield - Vendors in Freewind Post (Horde) and Menethil (Alliance) - Limited
  • The Jade Eye - Tradegoods vendors in Ironforge and Undercity. Jewelcrafting Supplies at Silvermoon City and The Exodar - Limited

Alternatives Edit

As an alternative to the [Barbaric Iron Collar], which is quite material intensive, it is possible, if you have the vendor bought recipe, to make [Amulet of the Moon] instead. 40 Lesser Moonstone and 20 Bronze Settings is likely easier to acquire than 160 Iron Bars, 40 Large Fangs, 40 Bronze Settings. Of course, if you are trying to sell what you make the collars are quite good, but profitting from Jewelcrafting is beyond the scope of this guide.

If you have access to ample amounts of truesilver, you may want to consider the [Engraved Truesilver Ring] instead of [The Jade Eye], and/or the [Truesilver Commander's Ring] instead of the [Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing]. The Commander's Ring has the additional advantage of being classified as a rare item.

Notes Edit

The vast majority of items in this table focus exclusively on recipes that are orange to you when crafting them, that is, they guarantee a skill point every time you craft such an item. This is done for the sake of determinateness. In some cases, in particular the [Delicate Copper Wire], the [Bronze Setting] and the [Thorium Setting], you will continue to craft these items even after the recipes turn yellow (representing a reduced chance that you will earn a skill point), as you will need the items in later recipes. In these cases, the "projected skill level" in the above chart has been calculated under the very cautious assumption that you will earn no skill points with recipes that have turned yellow. In practice, you will very likely continue to acquire more skill points from these recipes, which would allow you to do fewer of some of the harder recipes later on.

In addition, yellow jewelcrafting recipes have a relatively high chance of giving skill points and some of them will remain the most cost effective way to train for a while after turning yellow.

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