Grubbis is an abnormally large trogg located in the depths of Gnomeregan who emerges when the tunnels are disturbed by explosions.

The radioactive gas that flooded the city was meant to anger the troggs and kill the gnomes, and Thermaplugg's plan was brutally effective. One trogg, however, reacted oddly to the substance: Grubbis grew. And grew. It was a side effect that Sicco had not anticipated, but he's never been one to waste valuable (and dangerous) resources. This giant trogg now patrols the tunnels of Gnomeregan. His loyal basilisk pet, Chomper, helps Grubbis sniff out gas leaks, tasty fungi, and even tastier intruders.

He is level 28 elite trogg found in the Gnomeregan dungeon. He is accompanied by his pet basilisk, Chomper. Grubbis and Chomper spawn near the end of Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse's event.

Combat info Edit

Grubbis does not put up much of a fight. The real challenge is the swarms of troggs that come before and with him. Note: Do not run into the tunnel where the troggs emerge. It collapses after a minute.

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Inv gauntlets 17

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