Grommash Hold

Grommash Hold in the Valley of Wisdom

Grommash Hold, or Thrall's Fortress as referred to by guards, is an enormous fortress located in the Valley of Wisdom in the orc capital of Orgrimmar. It is named after the orcish hero Grom Hellscream. The Hold serves as the administrative center of the Horde. The warchief, Thrall, the troll leader, Vol'jin, and Eitrigg reside within Grommash Hold. It is also home to an elite sect of warriors who serve as Thrall's personal guard, the Kor'kron Elite. Within the antechambers of the Hold are Orgrimmar's leading shamans, of whom, Thrall is the foremost. As of patch 2.1, also contains a Paladin trainer, Master Pyreanor.

(Before the Burning Crusade expansion, Nazgrel resided here as well, but after the reopening of the Dark Portal, he moved to Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula)

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