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Grizzik was an arakkoa living in Terokkar Forest. After the Alliance Expedition arrived on Draenor, he was found by Danath Trollbane and Thalressar during their pursuit of Ner'zhul's orcs.

Grizzik led the Alliance troops to Auchindoun, where the orcs took refuge, and introduced them to the Auchenai priest Nemuraan.


  • "Grizzik is arakkoa. Old race. Oldest maybe in world. Grizzik curious! No harm!"
  • "Arakkoa ancient people. We stay to selves. But! We watch peaceful draenei, primitive orcs. But who could know? Madness come to orcs. What — we know not."
  • "Draenor is name they call world, yes. They proud of selves, they name whole world after selves. They strong... before."
  • "Yes, yes. Once many, many draenei. They use bright light. Live here long time. They think selves strong and good, no one stop draenei, no no. But orcs— Gone. Only few left now. Now once-proud draenei hide away."

Warlords of Draenor

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Grizzik is likley to appear in Warlords of Draenor

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