Grillok Darkeye was one of the most powerful Dark Shamans of the Bleeding Hollow Clan residing in the Outland.


First WarEdit

Both dark magic users Grillok Darkeye and Warlord Morkh currently hold reign over the remnant Bleeding Hollow Clan, recently succumbed to the fel magic corrupting the old horde clans. The relationship between Grillok and Morhk is unknown in regards to whether one vies for power over the other or if they work in unison to harness the clan's ferocity. Whatever the case, it is said that Grillok is the more adept of the two.

Like his predecessor, Kilrogg Deadeye, Grillok also lost one of his eyes and now wears a patch over the empty hole. The patch itself holds some dark mystery in itself. Prior to losing the eye, Grillok Darkeye was to wager a piece of himself to a dark power, and gained great magic for it. His lost eye burns deep in some hellish pit, now a demon's trinket.[1]

Burning CrusadeEdit

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Grillok's previous model

He is a level 61 mob involved as a target in the Horde quest Grillok "Darkeye". He is located in a cave at the foothills of Zeth'gor.


"Grillok" is an anagram for "Kilrogg" (two L's instead of two G's), the name of the former Bleeding Hollow Chieftain, Kilrogg Deadeye. Grillok's surname could also be seen as a derivative of his predecessor's (Deadeye/Darkeye).

Grillok has also manipulated Kilrogg's infamous 'Eye of Kilrogg' spell with his own 'Eye of Grillok'. Almost identical in appearance, the new floating eyes swarm Zeth'Gor territory.

No official sources have yet reported any blood relation between Grillok and Killrogg. The easiest explanation would be that Grillok holds high admiration for the former Chieftain, and strives to emulate him in essence.


How dare you take my eye! I will crush your soul and feed it to my blind and whimpering imps!
Come to my lair, whelp! Come to me and pay for your insolence!



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Grillok "Darkeye"

Preceded by:
Kilrogg Deadeye
Chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow Clan
Succeeded by:
Incumbent (Fel Horde)
Jorin Deadeye (Mag'har)
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