This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Grenda was one of the dwarves under Rom's command and his second-in-command, that stayed near Grim Batol after the event's in Day of the Dragon (even though she was not mentioned in Day of the Dragon).

When Rom's group of warriors and Vereesa Windrunner tried to hold of an attack by fire elementals,[1] (NotD 144) a hole appeared and some of the dwarven warriors fell down (including Rom). Grenda, Vereesa, and what was left of the group was captured, and when they escaped, she assumed command over the dwarves.

After the battles at Grim Batol in Night of the Dragon, she left, along with the other surviving dwarves, to report what happened wthin the mountain.

Love for RomEdit

The novel described her feelings for Rom, which started in respect for her commander, but ended up something more.