Grelin Whitebeard[42, 62]
is a dwarf quest giver found at his camp located in the dwarven starting area of Coldridge Valley in Dun Morogh. He is accompanied by an absent-minded apprentice. He is also great friends with Jona Ironstock.


Grelin was sent to Coldridge by the The Senate of Ironforge to "investigate the threat posed by the trolls" and find an expedient solution to the problems.

Grelin and his brother Senir Whitebeard were sent out to deal with the trolls alone, because the Senate has its hands full dealing with more than just the troggs. Whitebeard sets adventurers out to slay the Frostmane Trolls that are inhabiting the caves of southern Coldridge Valley, and who have been leading some forays out of their area.

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The Cataclysm sent shock waves through the Valley, causing destruction and throwing the trolls into turmoil. Whitebeard sends adventurers into their camps in an effort to not only thin their rank, but to discover what has them so upset. He learns that the earthquakes tore a hole into the elemental plane and sends word of this to Ironforge.


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