Green whelps are precious to the green dragonflight, especially with the increasing danger of a mysterious, dark force that seems to have arisen in the Emerald Dream. Green whelps spent much of their time in the Emerald Dream in the past, but those children who have not yet experienced travel to the Dream have (fortunately) been kept from entering, and thus safe from contamination. Most green whelps in the world are found under the careful watch of an older dragon. The verdant hatchling is small, but nevertheless it exudes a spiritual aura, one that implies great wisdom even in such a young creature. Its wings look barely large enough to keep it aloft, yet it manages to be imposing in spite of its seeming frailty.

Green whelps usually retreat if engaged in combat. If doing so is impossible, they use their breath weapon or try to use magic to increase their chances of escaping.

Green whelps speak Common, Darnassian, and Draconic.[1] (MG 44)

You can have your own young newly hatched green whelp see Tiny Emerald Whelpling

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