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Ability gouge

Every being has vulnerable spots; Rogues make it their business to know them all.

Gouge is a useful Rogue ability that does damage, adds a combo point and incapacitates the target, making it vulnerable to an attack (or giving you an opportunity to escape!). The move costs 45 Energy points and can first be acquired at level 6. Once a successful Gouge has been made, any attack will negate its incapacitation effect. Note that using Gouge automatically turns off auto attacks.



45 Energy
Instant cast
Turns off auto attacks
Adds 1 Combo Point


  • The enemy must be facing the Rogue
  • Very short duration (only 4 seconds - can be increased up to 5.5 seconds by Improved Gouge talent)
  • Longer cooldown than most attack abilities (10 seconds)
  • An incapacitating effect, any damage caused to a gouged target will break gouge.
  • Does not combine well with DoT attacks like Garrote or Rupture
  • Relatively high Energy cost means that the Rogue must be near full energy to be able to follow up a gouge with another move such as Backstab
  • Susceptible to diminishing returns

Rank Table

Rank Damage Level Cost
1 10 damage 6 1Silver
2 20 damage 18 29Silver
3 32 damage 32 1Gold 20Silver
4 55 damage 46 2Gold 79Silver
5 75 damage 60 4Gold 86Silver
6 105 damage 67 8Gold 91Silver

Related Talents

  • Improved Gouge increases the duration of Gouge by .5, 1, or 1.5 seconds.
  • Lethality increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Gouge by 6%, 12%, 18%, 24%, or 30%.
  • Blade Twisting gives your Gouge a 10% or 20% chance to daze your target for 8 seconds.
  • Surprise Attacks increases the damage of your Gouges by 10%.

Related Items

  • The 4 piece bonus of the Rogue PvP Armor Sets decreases the cooldown of Gouge by 1 second.


  • Backstab is a great skill for dealing big damage, but you must be behind the Mob to use it. Gouge first, then move behind the mob to enable you to Backstab. You've got two combo points off the bat! (And if you are Seal Fate/Vigor specc and it crits you'll have three combo points!)
  • Gouge gives you an opportunity to apply a quick bandage, recover energy, or plan a quick escape.
  • Facing multiple enemies can be quite difficult. Simply gouge one. This will give you time to finish one of them. This will greatly reduce the amount of damage you are being dealt.
  • In PvP, Improved Gouge gives you a good chance (barring diminishing returns) to leave combat and re-enter stealth without using vanish, and gives you more time to regen your energy.


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