Gordunni Brute

Gordunni Ogre

The Gordunni tribe (or the Gordunni Clan of Ancient Draenor)[1] (Killing Ground 8 & 11) is an ogre tribe[2][3] in central Feralas. They have taken residency in the Ruins of Isildien in the High Wilderness as well as the foothills north of Camp Mojache. Like most of their kind, Gordunni ogres are remarkably bloodthirsty and are comprised both of melee warriors and spell casters. Gordunni ogres have proven to be highly detrimental to the land of Feralas, desecrating its cultural treasures and despoiling its lush forests. In the ruins of an ancient night elven city, the Gordunni have established Dire Maul, a stronghold of some potency and power.

Over the recent years, Gordunni ogres have steadily expanded their area of influence in Feralas, raising concern among some of the Horde lieutenants that, if left unchecked, their expansion will eventually threaten Horde interests in the area. To this end, Belgrom Rockmaul in Orgrimmar has put out a call to many adventurers to travel to Feralas and assist Horde forces in their fight against the Gordunni. Rok Orhan in Camp Mojache is one of Belgrom's lieutenants and is always ready to find some work for adventurers looking to thin Gordunni ranks.

More recently, the Gordunni (possibly the members that remained in Outland) have made their presence known in Outland, setting up a settlement in the Barrier Hills, overlooking Shattrath City. They are led by Slaag, one of the seven sons of Gruul the Dragonkiller.

Warlords of Draenor

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They also make an appearence in Talador on the Alternate Draenor


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