Were you looking for info on the Warlords-Logo-Small garrison building called a Garrison building workshop Goblin Workshop? Or the siege factories in Winterspring called Goblin Workshops?
This website appears to be defunct. Frowney

Goblin Workshop was a nice World of Warcraft fan site with an extensive database of all sorts of things, similar to Allakhazam or Thottbot.

Perhaps the primary distinguishing feature of Goblin Workshop is that in searching for any given item, it says whether it is junk, a quest reward, professionally crafted, etc. Under each item, it indicates specifically which quest will award that item.

It also has very good information on subzones, which is of value to WoWWiki editors.

Further, Goblin Workshop has maps for mobs like on Allakhazam, but unlike Allakhazam, it also offers a list of maps of all creatures involved in a quest.

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