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This article is about the Warcraft III hero class. For for RPG class, see goblin tinker. For general information about tinkers, see Tinker.

Goblin tinker

The goblin tinker is a neutral hero in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and was added in patch 1.15.

Goblins are known for their mechanical expertise and clever, though sometimes peculiar, inventions, and the tinker is certainly no exception. With his claw-pack/hammer-tank combo, the tinker's ingenuity is undeniable. Though his parts may sometimes fail and the occasional explosion does occur, the spirit and enthusiasm of this hero are never diminished.[1]

April Fools’ jokeEdit

On April 1, 2004 Blizzard Entertainment announced the goblin tinker as a new neutral hero, that would be available in the next patch.[2] A day later, Blizzard revealed that the tinker was merely an April Fools’ joke.[2] However, the tinker became subject to many forum posts and petitions that wanted the tinker to be a playable hero.[3] On April 14, Blizzard announced the tinker to be added in patch 1.15.[2]


Icon Ability Description
BTNPocketFactory Pocket Factory Creates a factory which automatically constructs clockwerk goblins. Clockwerk goblins explode upon death, causing damage to nearby enemy units.
BTNClusterRockets Cluster Rockets Bombards an area with rockets, stunning enemy land units for 1 second and damaging nearby enemy units.
BTNEngineeringUpgrade Engineering Upgrade Improves other tinker abilities with each level learned:
  • Cluster Rockets - Larger area.
  • Pocket Factory - Builds clockwerk goblins more quickly.
  • Robo-Goblin - Increases armor and strength; enhances Demolish.

Also gives bonus damage and increases the tinker's movement speed.

BTNROBOGOBLIN Robo-Goblin Transforms the tinker into a robo-goblin, a powerful armored form that has the following traits:
  • Bonus strength and armor.
  • Use of the Demolish ability, which grants bonus damage against buildings.
  • The tinker becomes mechanical, rendering him immune to stun, most offensive spells, and several beneficial spells.


  • “What ya got?”
  • “I’m all geared up.”
  • “Engines runnin’.”
  • “All systems go.”
  • “Let’s roll out.”
  • “I’m on top of it.”
  • “I can handle that.”
  • “Yeah, baby.”
  • “Death!”
  • “You’re terminated!”
  • “You have ten seconds to comply!”
  • “HIYAH!”
  • “I’m more than meets the eye.”
  • (bell rings) Uh-oh, my Tinker bell.”
  • “Yeah, runs on 220, 221. Whatever it takes.”
  • “She’ll hold together. (quietly) Hear that, baby? Hold together.”
  • (squeaking, then a loud explosion) Woah! Gonna need a new hamster.”
  • “That noise? That’s a bad noise.”
  • “I’ve got a rocket in my pocket.”
  • “That guy ’s nuts! Grab ’m!”

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