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Goblin Construction Helmet provides fire resistance bonus and can be used once an hour to absorb from 300 - 500 fire damage.

Malfunction Effects: none

Notes: Goblin Construction Helmet provides 44 Armor and +15 Fire Resistance in addition to the Use effect. These have no level requirement and can be worn as early as level 20.


Goblin Construction Helmet is crafted by Engineers that have specialized in Goblin Engineering and have a minimum skill level of 245.

The components are:
Inv ingot 06
8x [Mithril Bar]
Spell fire fire
4x [Elemental Fire]
Inv misc gem opal 02
1x [Citrine]

The recipe for this item can be learned from the Goblin Engineering trainer.

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Goblin Construction Helmet is used in the following recipes:


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