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Goblin alchemist

The Goblin Alchemist is a neutral hero in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and was added in patch 1.17. In this unconventional pairing, a fanatical Goblin master rides on the back of his Ogre slave. Despite undergoing a series of chemical "treatments" to enforce compliance, the Ogre sometimes shows signs of independence and even outright defiance. However, these outbursts are swiftly quelled by the Goblin master, who can be like his concoctions — harsh and volatile. Though personal differences may at times distract this duo, when it comes to biological warfare and raw, brute strength, the Goblin Alchemist and his Ogre slave are truly at the top of their game!


Icon Ability Description
BTNHealingSpray Healing Spray With Healing Spray, the alchemist sprays waves of healing mist to heal units in a target area. An alchemist must be careful when using this, however, as it can just as easily heal opponents as it can allies.
BTNChemicalRage Chemical Rage With Chemical Rage, the alchemist causes his ogre to enter a chemically-induced rage, increasing movement rate by 50% and increasing attack rate, as well. As the alchemist becomes more proficient at this skill, he will attack faster. Many alchemists find this useful to use when escaping instead of attacking.
BTNAcidBomb Acid Bomb With Acid Bomb, the alchemist hurls a flask of acid at a target. The flask breaks upon impact, splashing a powerful acid on nearby hostile units. This decreases armor, and deals slightly less damage-over-time to splashed targets. It is very effective against clustered ranged units when combined with fast melee attackers such as ghouls, and is also especially useful against targets who are trying to flee.
BTNTransmute Transmute The ultimate tool in an alchemist's arsenal, they can instantly kill their target, transforming it into gold which is then added to the alchemist's commander's cache.
  • Will not work on heroes or creeps above level 5.


  • “Ready to brew!”
  • “Wanna blow something up?”
  • “I’m all stocked and ready to go.”
  • “Care for a cocktail?”
  • “You’ll love my new recipe.”
  • “You got it.”
  • “I’ll get that mixed up.”
  • “Don’t rush me.”
  • “I’ll shake that right up!”
  • “Taste my fiery potions!”
  • “Hurry I’ve got things to blow up!”
  • Bob and weave, you fool!”
  • “For the highest bidder!”
  • “What do you wanna be when you blow up?”
  • “I’m a chemical superfreak.”
  • “No! Shake it, not--” (sudden explosion)
  • “One of these potions smells awful!” (ogre giggles)
  • Goblin: ”Hey, pull his finger.”
    Ogre: “That’s not my finger!”
  • (Glass breaks)
    Goblin: “Oh no, what did I drop?”
    Ogre: “Oh yeah...” (Marvin Gaye begins to play in background)
    Goblin: “Wait, what are you doing?! Oh no, not the love potion!”

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