Gobbler [14.6, 37.6]
is a level 22 murloc found in the Bluegill Marsh of the Wetlands.

He is presumably the leader of the Bluegill tribe murlocs in the Wetlands, who have been pestering Menethil Harbor's commerce. Karl Boran wants Gobbler's head.


  • APB Shaman Enhancement Lightning Shield (50% chance of inflicting damage on hit, 10min calldown)
  • Enrage (Physical damage dealt is increased by 10% and Attack speed increased by 30%, 2min calldown)
  • Pierce Armor (Reduces an enemy's armor by 50% for 10 sec, melee range)
  • Splash (A splash of water drenches all nearby enemies, dealing Frost damage and knocking them back a short distance.)

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