Gnomish Inventor

The Inventors are highly adept at creating outlandishly clever contraptions for military use. Among the many bizarre inventions created by the Gnomes are the Flying Machines that hover high above both land and sea, as well as the implausible Submarine that can move under the seas. The Gnomes are also responsible for perfecting the technique of extracting various chemical compounds out of oil to make gunpowder and explosives. Although the Gnomes are a bit odd and eccentric, none can deny their value to the Alliance.[1] (WC2man 53)

In World of Warcraft Edit

Any gnome who invents can be thought of as a gnomish inventor, but currently the only gnome with this title is IconSmall Gnome MaleNeutral 15 Whirligig Wafflefry <Gnomish Inventor>. The building itself (a human house with machinery grafted on) resembles the home of Oglethorpe Obnoticus.

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