Gnomish Biplane

Bomber command2

An obscure debut?

While the dwarves were developing their own flying machines, the gnomes simultaneously introduced a new model of static wing flying machine, the gnomish bomber (likely based on the earlier single-winged gnomish sky-engines used during the Second War). Produced in significant quantities and distributed to many gnomish and dwarven fortresses, the production of this craft was interrupted by the fall of Gnomeregan to the troggs. This device would have been added to the Alliance military force sometime during the third war, hadn't the troggs invaded Gnomeregan and caused the Gnomes to withhold their military and air force. Many were left in their hangars when the gnomes evacuated the city.

Since the fall of Gnomeregan, gnomish bombers have served alongside the latest variations of dwarven flying machines; many dwarven fortresses possess a complement of these craft in addition to their Siege Engines. Even bases as far flung as the Wildhammer Stronghold in Outland have a complement of gnomish biplanes on hand. The primary launch facility is the airfield equipped with these craft high in the icy mountains between Dun Morogh and the Wetlands.

Now, the courageous Gnome pilots use these devices for scouting and light reconnaissance. Though the biplane is a reliable device, it is fragile and not particularly strong in air-to-ground attacks. Many crash sites can be found around Azeroth where these machines have succumbed to their delicate builds. The smokestacks in the back should make them too heavy to fly.

They look like the units used in the Warcraft III map Bomber Command.

Siege Vehicle

Though not shown at WWI, this is mentioned flying bomber. It was only mentioned that it will carry both a bomber and pilot, allowing it to drop bombs over the battlefield. The usable version has had the top wing cut off to fit larger pilots.

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