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The Gnomish Mind Control Cap can allow an engineer to Mind Control an enemy. When triggered, it turns target humanoid or player into a combat pet. This pet will fight on your behalf for 20 seconds, or until dispelled. As a combat pet, you get the standard pet control bars with which to control it.

There are a few limitations on this item. If, as a hunter or warlock, you already have a pet summoned, you will get the message "you already have a creature summoned." It also cannot be used if the target is in combat, thus requiring that it be triggered before combat.

The cap may be used by engineers with a skill of 215 or higher. Gnome Engineering specialization is apparently not required to use this item.

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Gnomish Mind Control Cap is crafted by engineers who have specialized in Gnomish Engineering, and have a minimum skill of 235.

The components are:
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10x [Mithril Bar]
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4x [Truesilver Bar]
Inv battery 02
1x [Gold Power Core]
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2x [Star Ruby]
Inv misc gem ruby 02
4x [Star Ruby]
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[Mageweave Cloth]

The schematic is learned from the Gnomish Engineering trainer.

Notes Edit

  • The effect is not same as Priests Mind Control, wich gives you complete power over the foe's actions.
  • Engineers can also tinker Mind Amplification Dish to their hat, increasing stamina by 45 and gives them ability to use their curret hat the same way as Gnomish Mind Control Cap.

Possible malfunctions Edit

  • Fails with no effect, but cooldown is trigged.
  • User becomes mind controlled by target. However, if the Gnomish Mind Control Cap is used while in a shapeshift form (such as cat form), this effect does not trigger.

Patch changesEdit

  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.8.0 (10-Oct-2005): Is now subject to diminishing returns in the Charm category.

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