Gnoll wardens have developed a magical connection with nature and use their powers to keep the other gnolls in line. Gnoll wardens are the mystics of gnoll society, born attuned with the power of nature and able to tap into it for magical effects. They have a gleam of wicked intelligence in their close-set eyes. They are both feared and envied in gnoll society. They exist outside the normal power structure and can operate with a kind of impunity - though they remain subject to the influence of gnoll brutes. Wardens tend to be marked as different by shade of their fur, which is often a strange color such as white, whitish-gray or purple, which pokes out through the many holes of the old leather robes they wear. Gnoll wardens rely on their mystic abilities in combat to give them an edge. They avoid melee when possible, but are not afraid to mix it up and break bones if necessary. The nature of their magical connection makes wearing armor impossible, but also allows the gnoll warden to perform a number of magical effects.[1] (MoM 50, 53)

Spells and Abilities Edit


Removes all buffs from a target unit, and slows its movement speed by a factor of 5. Purged units will slowly regain their movement speed over 5 seconds. Deals 400 damage to summoned units.
Duration Cooldown Effect
5 sec. 5 sec. Spells removed, Movement Speed slowed, 400 damage to summoned units.

Patch ChangesEdit

Patch 1.01 (7/03/2002)
  • Creep Purge cooldown increased to 5 from 0.
Patch 1.03 (10/09/2002)
  • Hit points increased to 330 from 300.

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