Glubtok the Foreman is the first boss of Deadmines.

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  • Heroic: He clears threat whenever he blinks after either Fists buff wears off, so tank needs to grab him back immediately. Once the wall of fire appears, move clockwise around him to avoid getting hit. Avoid fire/ice ground target areas. AE adds or get them to the middle so the tank can hold onto them.


Phase 1
  • [Fists of Flame]—Glubtok sets his fists afire, causing melee strikes to deal additional Fire damage and sometimes knock back nearby enemies. 2 sec cast. 10 sec duration
  • [Fists of Frost]—Globtok coats his fists with Frost, causing melee strikes to deal additional Frost damage and sometimes slow nearby enemies. 2 sec cast. 10 sec duration
Phase 2
  • [Greater Mass Teleport]Teleports the entire party within range of Glubtok. Cast at the beginning of the phase.
  • [Deep Freeze]—Freezes nearby enemies in a block of solid ice. Cast after the mass teleport, giving him enough time to cast...
  • [Arcane Power]—Glubtok is filled with Arcane Powers, launching fire and frost spells throughout the room. Glubtok hovers in the center room
  • [Fire Blossom]—A fiery blossom deals Fire damage to an area and knocks enemies up a short distance. Instant
  • [Frost Blossom]—An icy blossom deals Frost damage to an area and slows enemy attacks and movement speed.

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Phase 1Edit

Glubtok will alternate Fists of Frost and Fists of Fire. Fists of frost will slow the movement and attack speed of the tank (and nearby players?) and Fists of Fire will cause his melee attacks to deal AoE fire damage and have a small knockback. Glubtok will blink between fist cycles.

Tank him where he stands with his back to the team. Try to interrupt his fist spells, although I am uncertain if this really works. Spread out to avoid splash damage.

Phase 2Edit

Once Glubtok reaches half health, he will deep freeze the entire party and run to the center. He will then gain Arcane Power, causing him to float above the ground (still attackable by melee) and channel a spell causing him to shoot fire and frost at random locations, visibly marked. In this phase, the party needs to DPS him down while avoiding his attacks. He no longer melees and only uses the fire and frost abilities.

It is advisable to mark the healer and all move to his location when the phase starts to ensure no-one is trapped on the wrong side of the wall of fire.

You will need to keep the adds under control using AOE abilities, instant casts being preferred as they allow you to remain mobile. Try to overlap you AOE onto the boss, and keep as much pressure and DPS on him as you can or you will be overwhelmed. Consider having your priest holy nova.


Inv weapon shortblade 05
Inv gauntlets 23
Inv misc cape 11

Inv chest leather 31
Inv weapon shortblade 05
Inv shoulder plate dungeonplate c 03
Inv misc cape 06
Inv chest cloth 15


How To Glubtok - Deadmines Heroic

How To Glubtok - Deadmines Heroic

Heroic Deadmines - Glubtok

Heroic Deadmines - Glubtok

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Glubtok ash

Too much power!

  • Glubtok show you da power of de arcane!
Fists of Flame
  • Fists of flame!
Fists of Frost
  • Fists of frost!
Entering Phase 2
  • Glubtok ready?
  • Let's do it!
  • TOO...MUCH...POWER!!!
  • Glubtok is obliterated by the arcane energies into a pile of ash.

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