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The Glaive Thrower is an anti-personnel siege weapon available in the Isle of Conquest battleground.

Abilities Edit

  1. Ability upgrademoonglaive  [Glaive Throw]ω ϖ—Fires a large glaive towards the target dealing 7069 to 7931 damage and 4242 to 4758 siege damage in a 5 yard radius.
  2. Inv weapon shortblade 06  [Blade Salvo]ω ϖ (Channeled)—Fires a volley of smaller blades towards the target area. Each blade deals 2828 to 3172 damage in a 5 yard radius. Lasts 10 sec. (30 sec cooldown)


The Glaive Thrower becomes available shortly after one's faction gains control of the Docks.

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