Giraffes are neutral beasts that are common in the Barrens in central Kalimdor.

Giraffes are graceful herbivores with long necks. They eat the leaves from the tops of trees. Giraffes are docile herbivores, but defend themselves with their hooves if attacked.[1] (MGWS 10)

Technically speaking, they are even-toed ungulates, genetically close to deers, cows, pigs, goats, and maybe talbuks.

Common giraffes


  • Giraffe corpses are skinnable.
  • Giraffes cannot serve as hunter pets.
  • There are no currently known quests that involves killing giraffes. This makes them somewhat unique.


  • Giraffes in WoW use exactly the same set of bleats as the Goatmen demons from Diablo 2.
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