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The Gilneas Brigade, commanded by an unidentified Mountain King, was a detachment of troops within the Human Expedition that were led by Jaina Proudmoore to Kalimdor[1].


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The Gilneas Brigade plays a major role in the World of Warcraft: Legion. Now under the command of Genn Greymane, the King of Gilneas, the Gilneas Brigade consists an army of Worgen, Humans, and Dwarves who proudly follow their Worgen king to the Broken Isles and fight against the Burning Legion.


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  • Due to Gilneas' isolationist policy, it is possible that the Brigade was formed by Gilnean dissidents, and the pro-Alliance rebels lead by Darius Crowley. Although, how these men would have escaped the Greymane Wall is a mystery.
  • It could also be that the members of the Brigade, were some of the villagers of Pyrewood, as new information suggests that Pyrewood was originally a Gilnean village. This could explain their existence, as Pyrewood was not isolated behind the Greymane Wall.


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