Gidwin goldbraids is a dwarf wich can be found in the eastern plaguelands, near the caravan of his friend, Fiona. The first time you'll encounter with him, he will be trapped in spider webs, and you have to free him.
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Gidwin, in the plaugelands.

Gidwin in game

Gidwin is first trying to act tough, by telling he already killed 6 nerubians before he was cought, but when you count the body's he admitts it were only four. He was having a competition with his friend tarenar the elf. Later, when you step on board of Fiona's caravan, you hear the funny Dialogue between the two. Gidwin and Tarenar are trying to become part of the argent crusade, and to do so, traveling to lights hope chapel. After the initiation quest, wich they do alongside the player, they are finnaly the crusaders they always wanted to be. But, when they go on crusade, Tarenar won't take things serious. For this reason, Gidwin leaves the player, and go's solo. He will get caught by the scourge, end the player will have to save him. The player will meet with Tarenar, who will help him. After a short cinematic, Gidwin will be saved, and everything's back to normal.

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The competitions between Gidwin and Tarenar, are a lot like the competitions the dwarf Gimli, and the elf Legolas have in The Lord Of The Rings. Whoever kills the most foess, winns. Just like in Lotr, the difference between the winner and the loser, is only one point. The only difference is that in WoW, the elf winns, and in LOTR It's the dwarf.
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