So you want to be a Leatherworker?Edit

This guide is intended to give new players tips and tricks on how to develop their Leatherworking skills.

I'm assuming you've also chosen Skinning as your second Profession, as it is the supporting profession for Leatherworking.

Tips n' TricksEdit

  • The higher the level of the creature, the better the leather drops. Although even higher level creatures often drop lower level skins. (ie: Raptors in the Wetlands (level 23-30) often drop 1-2 Light Leather as often as they drop 1 Medium Leather and will rarely drop 1 Heavy Leather. They often also drop Light Hide and Medium Hide, but do not drop Ruined Leather Scraps, which are common to creatures under level 10)
  • During lower levels, craft Light Armor Kits before selling leather to merchants to level up your skill. Currently, the prices are the same for a stack of 10 Light Leathers and a stack of 10 Light Armor Kits, 1 silver 50 copper per stack. Try to avoid selling leather unless you really need the money. Leather may be pretty common, but higher level recipes require large quantities of it. At higher skill levels you will be able to convert light leather into medium leather, then eventually medium leather into heavy leather, etc.
  • Don't forget to use some of your Light Armor Kits to patch your own armor! Light armor kits can be used on Torso, Foot, Gloves and Leg armor for a total of 32 extra armor.
  • Engineers need leathers as well for some of their crafts, you can frequently sell your leathers to them for 2 silver or more. The Auction House is also a good spot to sell leathers.
  • An excellent spot for Alliance characters to farm Light Leather/Ruined Leather Scraps is the Stonefield Farm at 32,85 in the Elwynn Forest zone. The watermelon field there has 4 level 5-6 Stonetusk Boars that have an incredibly fast respawn rate, so it's an endless supply of low-level leather without any knees-bent running around behavior required. You will also wind up with a large amount of boar meat to level cooking a bit.
  • Tailors need leather for a variety of patterns, most significantly Small Silk Pack, which is the most common 10 space container in the game.
  • Blacksmiths need leather for a variety of patterns, including many weapons.

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