The subject of this article or section was part of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, a world event that heralded the opening of Ahn'Qiraj. This is no longer available as event is permanently over as of patch 3.2.0.

General Zog is a level 60 Horde ambassador located in the Military Ward within the dwarf city of Ironforge.

Zog is a strong orcish soldier who became one of the most trusted lieutenants of Thrall. When the silithid threat was growing greater with each passing day, supplies were needed on the front lines in Kalimdor: food, metals, herbs, and all manner of materials. Orders came in every day, calling for more to be sent. General Zog was sent as an ambassador of the Horde to Ironforge to coordinate the efforts of the Horde and Alliance. During the war effort, he could be found at the Military Ward, always protected by two Ironforge Guards to ensure his security, informing soldiers of the Alliance of the Horde's progress on the task at hand.


  • He is only available during the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort world event.
  • Kneel before Zog! (Go on, try it...) Players who typed /kneel in front of him would see a message saying that Zod acknowledges their obedience.

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He is inspired by the character of General Zod from Superman lore. The quote is even similiar, "Kneel before Zod!"

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