General Twinbraid is a level 30 dwarf found at Bael Modan in the Barrens.

Feegly the Exiled seeks the Tear of the Moons contained in General Twinbraid's Strongbox.


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The General survives the destruction of Bael'dun Keep, but is furious at the death of his son Marley Twinbraid, a military scout and amateur archeologist[1] [2]. The General finds the corpse of Weezil Slipshadow and decides it must have been the goblin workers in the Frazzlecraz Motherlode[3].

Later, however, players can determine that Gann Stonespire, a tauren who parted ways with the Horde to seek vengeance against the dwarves for destroying his tribe and Camp Taurajo, is behind the destruction of Bael'dun Keep; [4] Weezil had agreed to aid him in his cause[5].


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He may be related to Dame Twinbraid.



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