Socketable gems Edit

Colored sockets Edit

There are three colored socket types: red, yellow, and blue. Any gem can be placed into any socket, and you will receive the bonus for that gem.

If all the gems' colors match all the sockets' colors on an item, you will receive an additional socket bonus.

Uncolored sockets Edit

Uncolored sockets are generally sockets that have been added to an item by blacksmithing skills (or blacksmithed items). Any gem (except meta gems) may be placed in them.

Uncolored sockets, and any gems they may have, do not count towards any socket bonus an item may have. The will count towards any requirements of a meta gem.

Meta sockets Edit

Meta sockets currently appear only in particular varieties of head items. Meta sockets only accept meta gems, and meta gems may only be placed in meta sockets.

In addition, if the meta gem's requirements are not met, that meta gem will not be activated, and you will receive neither the meta gem's bonuses nor any socket bonus from the item containing the meta gem. You can socket the meta gem without meeting the requirements, but the meta gem will remain inactive until you do meet its requirements (which can be done either by socketing new gems, or equipping new items containing the required gems).

A meta gem requires you to have currently equipped items socketed with a certain number and color of other gems. These colors can be as either primary or secondary colors (see below.)

(Note: Meta sockets are only found on high-end head gear.)

Gem stats Edit

A stat is associated with a primary color (red, yellow, blue). For example, strength is a red stat. That means having strength in a yellow or blue gem is possible but the gem color bonus requirement will not be met.

However, gems come in both primary and secondary colors. As seen on the Color Wheel below, if you mix red and yellow, you get orange. An orange gem will provide one red stat and one yellow stat, each in approximately one-half the amount that a primary-colored gem would.

It is most important to note that, for the purposes of both socket bonuses and meta-gem requirements, a secondary-colored gem is considered to be a gem of BOTH of its primary colors. Thus, an orange gem will be considered to be both a red gem AND a yellow gem at the same time.

This means that if you really want strength, and your item only contains a yellow socket, then the only way to get both strength and the socket bonus is with an orange gem, which will dilute the strength stat with a yellow stat like critical strike rating or resilience.

Color Wheel
Purple Orange
Blue Yellow

This table shows all existing stat-color associations. It reflects the changes to gem properties that came with the release of Patch 4.0.1, including the removable of five attributes - Attack Power, Armor Penetration Rating, Spell Power, Defense Rating, and Mana every 5 seconds. The following table shows all the new stat-color associations.

Attribute Actions+ Longevity+ Prefix
1 UI-EmptySocket-Red Expertise Rating X Precise
2 UI-EmptySocket-Red Agility X X Delicate
3 UI-EmptySocket-Red Intellect X X Brilliant
4 UI-EmptySocket-Red Strength X X Bold
5 UI-EmptySocket-Red Parry Rating X Flashing
6 UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Critical Strike Rating X Smooth
7 UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Haste Rating X Quick
8 UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Mastery X X Fractured
9 UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Dodge Rating X Subtle
10 UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Resilience Rating X Mystic
11 UI-EmptySocket-Blue Hit Rating X Rigid
12 UI-EmptySocket-Blue Spell Penetration X Stormy
13 UI-EmptySocket-Blue Spirit X Sparkling
14 UI-EmptySocket-Blue Stamina X Solid

This table shows all existing stat mixes and their name prefixes.

It's completely updated for 4.0.1.

Expertise Agility Intellect Strength Parry Critical Haste Mastery Dodge Resilience Hit Spell Pen. Spirit Stamina
Expertise Precise Keen Resolute Accurate Guardian's
Agility Delicate Deadly Deft Adept Lucent Glinting Shifting
Intellect Brilliant Potent Reckless Artful Willful Veiled Mysterious Purified Timeless
Strength Bold Inscribed Fierce Skillful Champion's Resplendent Etched Sovereign
Parry Flashing Fine Stalwart Retaliating Defender's
Critical Deadly Potent Inscribed Smooth Piercing Radiant Misty Jagged
Haste Deft Reckless Fierce Quick Lightning Shattered Energized Forceful
Mastery Keen Adept Artful Skillful Fine Fractured Sensei's Zen Puissant
Dodge Resolute Champion's Stalwart Subtle Nimble Regal
Resilience Lucent Willful Resplendent Mystic Turbid Steady
Hit Accurate Glinting Veiled Etched Retaliating Piercing Lightning Sensei's Nimble Rigid
Spell Pen. Mysterious Radiant Shattered Stormy
Spirit Purified Misty Energized Zen Turbid Sparkling
Stamina Guardian's Shifting Timeless Sovereign Defender's Jagged Forceful Puissant Regal Steady Solid
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