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  • Gem Perfection
  • Passive
  • Gives the Jewelcrafter the chance to cut uncommon quality Northrend gems into perfect gems.

Gem Perfection is a passive trait exclusive to Jewelcrafters. It gives a chance when cutting uncommon Northrend gems to cut it into a "perfect" gem, slightly raising its stats (by 15% or more).


Once you reached Level 50, you will be eligible for the starting quest offered by any of the Northrend starting area trainers (These quests seem not to require a certain Jewelcrafting skill):


The exact proc rate for this skill is still unknown because of insufficient data. However, initial findings estimate the proc rate to be 10-20%.

For example, one crafter found a 20.45% perfect cut rate out of a random sample of 200 gems.[1] This crafter later made a table showing results for over 650 gems and found an overall rate of 20.22%, but varying rates depending on the type (Bloodstone, Delicate, 49 cut – 18.33%; Chalcedony, Solid, 57 cut – 28.75%; Dark Jade, Jagged, 139 cut – 20.11%; Huge Citrine, Luminous, 64 cut – 20.00%; Shadow Crystal, Purified, 136 cut – 17.07%; Sun Crystal, Smooth, 64 cut – 20.00%).[2]

Patch changes

Bc icon/ Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.2 (14-Oct-2008): Added.


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